$189 Check-Up & Clean

Mountain Gate Dental no gap or $189 (2)

Special Offer $189 for Non-Health Insurance Patients

At Mountain Gate Dental we look after all our patients and are dedicated to making dental care affordable to all. That is why we have introduced our unbeatable special offer of $189 for basic dental treatment. This includes a regular 6 monthly check up and clean and fluoride treatment.


Mention HAPPY TEETH to redeem offer when booking.


Mountain Gate Dental 'No Gap' Offer

Our No Gap offer makes regular check up and clean affordable for the entire family. If you have dental cover with any Australian Health Insurance Company, you will not be out of pocket for basic preventive dental treatment which includes:

  • Check ups

  • Teeth cleaning

  • Fluoride Treatment

This means we will accept your full rebate as full payment on the above treatment services when you present your health insurance card on the day of the appointment.


Mention HAPPY TEETH to redeem offer when booking.

*No Gap or $189 Check-Up & Clean Terms and Conditions

  • Offer only available at Mountain Gate Dental until 30th June 2021
  • Offer covers examination (011, 012), scale and clean (114) or removal of plaque (111), fluoride (121)
  • Mention 'HAPPY TEETH' to redeem offer
  • Services will only be provided where clinically necessary and appropriate for eligible patients.
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or Government scheme and is not substitutable or redeemable for cash.

Our “No Gap” offer is available to everyone who is covered by an Australian Private Health Insurance for dental, regardless of which fund you are with.
“No Gap” means that if you have full benefits on your Health Insurance at the time of your dental treatment, and you are covered for your general and preventative dental treatment, we will not charge you the “Gap” amount. The “Gap” refers to the out of pocket expenses for the following preventative treatments: Comprehensive or Periodic Oral Examinations, Scale and Clean and Fluoride Application.
For all other treatments, if your Health Insurance does not cover your treatment costs, the patient will be responsible for the out of pocket expense.

Our “No Gap” Policy extends to patients who meet the following conditions on the day of treatment:

  • Must be covered for dental procedures on the day of your preventative treatment;
  • Must have a current, valid Health Fund card with you on the day*;
  • Must have full benefits available for each preventative treatment item: full benefits refer to the full amount which your Health Fund will contribute towards your dental cover, and depend on your level of cover, may not mean 100% of the cost of the treatment;
  • Health Fund terms and conditions apply to the patient with dental cover.

*Health Fund regulations stipulate that if you do not have your card with you on the day, you will need to pay the full cost and will not be eligible for the “No Gap” offer. Patients are encouraged to check their Health Fund cover prior to making an appointment.